Primeval Forest

´╗┐About the Work

Uche Okeke's artistic journey is a remarkable fusion of Uli linear fluidity and folklore, both of which have profoundly enriched the essence of his work, as exemplified in his piece, 'Primeval Forest.' Okeke's art serves as a dynamic response to the ideology of synthesis, deeply rooted in the artistic expressions born from Negritude.

Intricately intertwined with his creative process is the tradition of Uli mural painting, where space, line, and spontaneity stand as the foundational pillars. These pillars are unmistakably evident in Okeke's paintings. His symbolic, mythic, and folkloric oil paintings reflect a profound connection to the rich repertoire derived from Igbo indigenous mural painting.

One can readily observe his affinity and fondness for indigenous forms in his use of geometric and organic motifs and symbols. These elements bear testament to Okeke's deep-rooted connection to his cultural heritage. When gazing upon Okeke's works, such as 'Primeval Forest,' one often finds themselves immersed in a state of solemn or reverential wonder, as if transported to realms beyond our ordinary world.

Notably, Okeke's art possesses two quintessential qualities reminiscent of Uli murals: the skillful utilization of space and an economy of design. While specific Uli motifs and symbols may not always be explicitly present, the essence of Uli is palpable through Okeke's compositional style. He masterfully employs lines in a manner reminiscent of their usage in traditional Uli murals, evoking a sense of continuity and cultural heritage that transcends time and place.

  • Primeval Forest
  • 1962
  • Oil on wood
  • signed bottom left
  • 70.7 x 46.5 in
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